Download Jailbreak-Me 4.0 tool

JailbreakMe 4.0 is the the combination of all offline jailbreaking tools.  This tool is forever free tool and we can guarantee that this is the easiest way to jailbreak.

Currently, this tool only works with windows. It doesn’t work with mac. If You arebrowsing through this website using iOS device, we kindly asked to log to this using your PC to download the tool.

Just choose your Apple device model and iOS version of your device, then this windows application finds, downloads and installs most compatible jailbreaking tool according to you model and iOS version,

jailbreak download


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Jailbreak Me 3.0 is the real jailbreak solution from the world most popular iOS hackers, It has been developed by Comex, chpwn, Saurick and Musslenerd. But we are just jailbreak lovers. We didn’t hack anything. We developed this tool as a combination of all Jailbreaking tools.

Why did we create this tool?

There are several jailbreaking tools are available in the world such as  Redsn0w, Absinthe , Snowbreeze, JailbreakMe Limera1n ,BlackRain, PurpleRa1n , Sprint JB, SeassonPass etc. But you can’t use all of this tool to jailbreak your device, n You should use the most suitable jailbreaking tool according to your device model and iOS version. Many users don’t have idea to choose the correct jailbreaking tool, Therefore they are converting for Paid jailbreaking solutions. We never recommend using the paid jailbreak solutions, they just offer you to these free tools with their own guides. However, you have to follow all steps to jailbreak if you pay for nonrecreational service.

You just want to select your device model and iOS firmware with this application, jailbreak me 4 will choose most easiest tool form the database, Then Jailbreak me 4 windows application downloads it and creates desktop shortcut. It also gives you to the most accurate guides according to your device iOS version and device model. Jailbreak will be very easy with this tool

Why we did name this as Jailbreak-Me 4.0

Jailbreak me is the best and easiest way to jailbreak apple devices. We are big fans of it, Unfortunately Comex and others do not further develop jailbreak ME.  We wanted to give easiest jailbreak solution for users, Therefore, we created application as a combination of all jailbreak tools. We think we are little bit success. Therefore, we named our tool as Jailbreak Me 4.0. If anybody develops new jailbreak (free to distribute) and it would easiest way to jailbreak any iOS version we will add it to our application. Currently all jailbreking tools of jailbreak-me are free to distribute.

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TaiG Released for jailbreak Ios 8.1.1 – Download Taig Now

End of 2014 happy news for jailbreak users, Top Chinese team has given great solution for jailbreak users. Actually this moment they are not released this tool for jailbreak Ios 8.2.0 running devices. Because this beta version still with developing stage and they are waiting until release for public. Users do not need to worry with jailbreak feature. Also TaiG tool development team is well confidence with Apple Ios jailbreak future. Their team included world first jailbreak developer and they are doing this work for jailbreak lovers.


Pangu Vs Taig

Both are untethered jailbreak tools developed by Ios hackers. Both of these tools were developed by Chinese teams. They involved with security development. Main difference is Ios 8.1.1 cannot jailbreak using Pangu tool and Taig can be use to jailbreak these versions.

What is the better jailbreak tool ?

Actually Taig optimize jailbreak process clearly for users. Also Pangu Team has done optimize this process and fixed many identified errors. So my recommendation is use Pangu for jailbreak Ios 8.0 to 8.1.0 running devices and use Taig for jailbreak Ios 8.1.1 running devices.

How to use Pangu for jailbreak your device

Both of these tools jailbreak process is similar, Click here to follow our previous jailbreak process for Pangu.

How to use Taig for jailbreak your device

Just 3 steps to jailbreak and install Cydia for your device successfully.

  • Download jailbreak tool latest version for your computer.
  • After connected your device into computer, click jailbreak button.
  • Then you can see jailbreak process is going well and required files are installing to your device.

Few moments Cydia will appear in your device home screen.

These 3 steps will give lots of features for your device. Download Taig now and get these features for your device.

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Pangu jailbreak for Ios 8.1.1 devices

Pangu jailbreak Chinese team again has faced difficult situation after Apple released Ios 8.1.1. Apple has closed their security holes done with Ios 8.0 to 8.1.0 running devices. If you update your device into Ios 8.1.1 you will loss jailbreak features. You can keep Ios 8.1.1 jailbreak hopes within next few weeks. Most of the bugs were fixed by Apple with Ios 8.1.1 and this moment they have released Ios 8.1.2 beta version for developers. Apple has added so many restrictions with new updated Ios versions. These days Pangu team work hard to break new Ios restrictions.

Apple Ios 8.1.2 beta version released for developers, Now this is with testing situation. Another few weeks they will released this version for users. All Apple latest devices can be jailbreak with Pangu8 jailbreak tool without Ios 8.1.1 or higher versions.

pangu 8.1.1


Why Pangu 8 cannot use with Ios 8.1.1

Apple has fixed 3 fault Pangu identified for jailbreak their devices. Actually all the unlock and jailbreak methods developed by finding security holes in the software. Therefore these security holes finding means jailbreak or unlock also cannot do using those tools.

We need to thanks all jailbreak tool developers to their great development. We know these tools released after well development and well testing. If you are Ios 8.1.1, this moment do not go to jailbreak using any software. This will cause to brick your device if you have done without any knowledge.

Jailbreak new comers need to follow well instructions and well guides regarding their jailbreak tool. Actually we like to navigate you for this target without damage to your devices.

When Ios 8.1.1 jailbreak version release

We are keeping hopes with Pangu jailbreak team for Ios 8.1.1 jailbreak release. Also Sn0wbreeze developer also on the way to jailbreak this version. We cannot forget Evad3rs team, this team has released couple of jailbreak tools for users. Therefore we need to keep hopes to jailbreak Ios 8.1.1, we cannot fixed the date for release these tools.

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Pangu 8 Ready with MAC – Windows

Evad3rs team these days very silent with jailbreak, they have done excellent job with Evasi0n jailbreak process. Evasi0n unable to use with Ios 7 latest versions and also Ios 8 versions. We have seen more than 10 million people downloaded Evasi0n within first week they have released this tool. Pangu tool also downloaded millions of users around the world. Pangu website got heavy traffic they released for Ios 8. Most users jailbroken their devices with Pangu developer version. Later Pangu has done great job with Cydia installation and bugs fixed.

Apple device users more than 55 % users updated for Ios 8, nearly 40 % users are Ios 7 users. Then you can see how people are interesting with new Ios version with jailbreak. Actually apple put their device into jail with lots of their restrictions. Users unable to customize devices as they wish with these lots of restrictions. So Pangu act major role with install Cydia for Ios 8.

pangu 8 download

Pangu 8 for Windows

Pangu Team several times fixed identified bugs and now you can download 1.2.1 version for Windows PC. If you are Windows user, do not use Over the Air update for Ios 8. This will cause to fail Pangu jailbreak process. Pangu 8 version released for restore feature for users. So you can use this option to restore downloaded firmware.

 Pangu 8 for MAC

Last week Pangu 8 released for MAC platform. Most of the MAC users waited until Pangu MAC version release. We never found any error from MAC users and they can jailbreak their devices successfully using this version. Pangu MAC v1.0.0 released and jailbreak process is same as done with Windows version.

  • Instructions for MAC and Windows users
  • You need to disable Device passcode
  • You need to install latest iTunes
  • Please disable Air Plane mode


How to use Pangu 8 for jailbreak Ios 8

  • Download Pangu 8 latest version , Right click application and select Run as administrator
  • After connect your device and see Pangu detect your device type. Click Jailbreak
  • Read instructions again and verify you have done all the things by clicking Trust
  • Pangu will jailbreak and install Cydia Now. You can see jailbreak processing is going and wait until end of Pangu process.
  • See your device contain Cydia and Pangu icons. Reboot device and click Cydia icon.


This is Pangu process steps, Now your device is ready with Cydia and App Store. Lots of Cydia features waiting to customize your device.

If any matter visit Pangu Facebook community Page or Twitter Page.

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Pangu 8 download for best JailbreakMe alternative

Pangu Team has again done their amazing work after release Pangu 8 jailbreaking tool. After long duration Pangu 7 has released and they turned jailbreak another Chapter. Apple Ios security restrictions holes successfully identified by these Engineers. We have seen famous Ios hacker message about Ios 8 jailbreak. When we look at that message, it shows as Ios 8 jailbreak is not an easy work. But Pangu from the beginning act with positive feedback with more silently. They have released Pangu 8 last week for millions of jailbreak users. We have seen their website traffic goes high in the past few days. Millions of users downloaded Pangu  jailbreak tool for their devices. This is for our jailbreakMe 4.0 loving users about Pangu new release. We like to mentioned most wanted Pangu usage as simply as follows.

pangu 8

download pangu 8

Pangu Download for your OS

Pangu 8 jailbreak tool this moment released by Chinese language and it will be release by English language recently. So many English users has faced some troubles with Pangu Chinese version. Also MAC users need to use third party application to run Pangu 8 this version. However Pangu MAC version is also with development stage. So MAC users can keep their hopes to download Pangu 8.

Download Pangu 8 for Windows

Pangu 8 support versions

This moment they really happy with this new release, Pangu support all Ios 8 versions released by Apple.

How to Use Pangu for jailbreak your device

  • Download Pangu 8 latest version from above download link
  • Connect your device properly, untick option button and click jailbreak
  • Pangu icon will appear in your home screen, Click Pangu icon and install Open SSH
  • Close Pangu and Open WinSCP for install Cydia for your device

Follow this Youtube video and install Cydia successfully for your device


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Pangu Download for Ios 7.1X jailbreak and Ios 8 jailbreak

Pangu will be release for jailbreak Ios 7.1 to 7.1.X running iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This tool is getting download thousands of users in the World. This is one of the success jailbreak tool release for users who are interesting to jailbreak. All users keep hopes to jailbreak their devices with Pangu for Ios 8. We like to show Pangu jailbreak process for Ios 7 as follows.

Pangu Latest


Pangu Support Versions and devices

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running Ios 7.1.0, 7.1.1, 7.1.2
  • Instructions for Pangu users
  • Download and install latest iTunes for your device
  • Make sure, you have got latest backup in your device
  • Pangu download for your Windows or MAC platform

How to Use Pangu for Jailbreak your device

  • Connect your device using USB cable into PC and execute latest application
  • You can download Pangu for English and Chinese Languages. Pangu has updated their tool and fixed some bugs identified in the jailbreak.
  • Uncheck checkbox and click start jailbreak button
  • Set date as June 02, 2014. You can do this by using your device Settings, General then Date and Time.
  • After few moment you can see Pangu icon with your device home screen. Tap Pangu icon.
  • You can see necessary files are installing to your device. Keep in touch with jailbreak process till end of Pangu. Finally you can see Jailbreak process successfully message and Cydia with your device home screen.
  • Tap Cydia icon and wait till end of Cydia processing.
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Download Cydia with JailbreakMe 4.0

jailbreakme 4.0 for Cydia

You can update your device for Ios 7 latest version now and we like to give some guides associated with our JailbreakMe 4.0. This tool like Software Wizard which consist combination of Jailbreak tools. These tools related with variety of Ios versions. Therefore user can download correct version using our solution, this tool got virally popular within users because some of the fake sellers are selling free guides more than $25.

So we decided to buildup this nice tool for our loving users, Also some persons do not have clear idea about Cydia. They have seen about this application, then they try to install variety ways. But most of these methods are wrong and finally some persons cracked their devices.

You can use our JailbreakMe 4.0 tool for all devices which are compatible to download Cydia. This third party application can act like App Store. Therefore users can do many tasks other than App Store. Millions of Apple users are moving with Jailbreak(Cydia download) because of these features. Cydia installation process consist break Apple Ios. Then within Jailbreak part Cydia application also installing to your device. When you touch with Jailbreaking process, user can see Cydia is installing in the bottom of the Window.

How to install Cydia for Ios 7

jailbreak me for iOS 7

If you are Ios 7 user, do not go to download Cydia for your device. Because Ios hackers are hard working with break new Ios 7 version. When this new tool release we like to give guides for break your Ios 7 version.

How to install Cydia for Ios 6

jailbreakme for iOS 6

If you are Ios 6.1.3 or higher Ios user, you cannot install Cydia for your device. Use our JailbreakMe solution to find your jailbeak tool. Also use our blog to find jailbreak guides related with particular tools.

How to install Cydia for Ios 5, 4, 3

jailbreakme for iOS 5,4,3

All of these Ios versions running devices can be use to install Cydia. This process will take only few minutes and you can do it without paying money. All of these jailbreak tools are freeware, so use our JailbreakMe 4.0 to find your solution.

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JailbreakMe guides for Evasi0n jailbreak tool

JailbreakMe like to guide you for Evasi0n jailbreak tool. This tool can be use with iOS 6 running devices. Our JailbreakMe 4.0 tool will download this tool for your latest devices. So we like to give all the guides related with Evasi0n as follows.

evasi0n jailbreak process


Evasi0n Jailbreak tool requirements

This tool can be use for Windows, MAC and LINUX operating systems.

Windows user minimum OS requirement is XP

MAC OS X users minimum OS requirement is 10.5

Linux users minimum OS requirement is X 86/X 86_64

Devices can be use with Evasi0n

All devices are running with iOS 6. Evasi0n jailbreak tool support for All iPhones, iPad, iPod which are running with iOS 6 operating system. Therefore if your device is running with iOS 5,4 or 3, you need to update for iOS 6.

iOS versions use with Evasi0n jailbreak tool

iOS  6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.1, 6.1.1, 6.1.2.

Download Evasi0n jailbreak tool

Evasi0n 1.5.3 for Windows

Evasi0n 1.5.3 for MAC

Evasi0n 1.5.3 for Linux

Instructions for Evasi0n users

Evasi0n users follow these instructions to get success with your jailbreak process.

  • Backup using iTunes before start Evasi0n. This can be use to restore if some going wrong.
  • Backup passwords need to disable in the iTunes. You can re-enable passwords after finished jailbreak.
  • Device lock passcode need to disable before start jailbreaking.
  • Close iTunes and iOS work if you have already opened.
  • Check your device usb connection and run Evasi0n application. Stay with end of jailbreak process.

Note – If you faced with jailbreak stuck, You need to reboot device and restart Evasi0n again.

How to jailbreak using Evasi0n

  • Download – Evasi0n latest tool for your computer.
  • Connect – Device plug in and close iTunes and iOS windows opened in your computer.
  • Execute – Click jailbreak button, wait and follow the instructions. You can see retrieving information, reboot device, uploading Cydia, Cydia packages.
  • Follow – Unlock your device and tap the jailbreak ICON (tap it once). Device screen will be black and return to home screen.
  • Complete – Wait and you can see complete jailbreak message. Your device may restart few times.

These are the steps you need to follow to success with Evasi0n. Do it well and admire jailbreak features.

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JailbreakMe Guides for Redsn0w jailbreak tool

JailbreakMe like to guides for one of the famous jailbreak tool called Redsn0w. Our tool will download Redsn0w jailbreak tool compatible with your device and iOS. Therefore these guides for users who are interesting with jailbreak their devices using Redsn0w.

Redsn0w for Jailbreakme

Redsn0w Requirements

This tool can be use for Windows and MAC computers. Windows users need to run administrator mode and MAC users use Ctrl-Click->Open if on Mountain Lion for now.

Redsn0w can use with following devices

  • iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4S
  • iPod touch 1G, iPod touch 2G, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G
  • iPad1, iPad2

Redsn0w can use with following iOS

iOS 4.1-4.3.5, iOS 5.0-5.1.1, iOS 6.0-6.1

How to Select Redsn0w is suitable with my device

Use Our Jailberakme tool for check your device and best tool compatible with your device.

Redsn0w Download

Windows                                             MAC

Redsn0w 0.9.15b3                           Redsn0w 0.9.15b3

Redsn0w instructions

Your Device Backup – This is important for all users if some of the failure occur. Your latest backup can be use for restore process.

Your Passcode, Password – This is also important to remove backup passcode and also device passwords. Disable all of these things before use Redsn0w.

Device DFU mode – You need to set the device into DFU mode with Home and Power button. DFU mode setup is important for safe jailbreak process.

Install Cydia Option – This option can see beginning of jailbreaking process. You need to click this option to install Cydia while jailbreaking is going with Redsn0w

Enable Battery Percentage – Your device battery percentage need to fine with start jailbreak process

Redsn0w Stuck – If Redsn0w stuck somewhere while jailbreaking process you need to re-run process again.

How to jailbreak your device with Redsn0w

  • Download tool using above links – Go to download page
  • Extract application downloaded file and run application file.
  • Click Extras, then Select IPSW file. Now you can select your file form your computer
  • After IPSW file verified, go back and Click jailbreak button. Read instructions appear in the form
  • Set your device into DFU mode and follow instructions provided by Redsn0w.  Wait till process is completed
  • Open Redsn0w application file and click Extras. Then click Just boot option and wait till processing is end.

Now You can see Cydia with your home screen and working well. You can do many functions using Cydia other than Apple App Store.

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Jailbreak Me guides for latest Sn0wbreeze

Our Jailbreak Me software will download most compatible tool for your device. We like to give guides for users who are going to jailbreak using Sn0wbreeze. All of these details related with how Sn0wbreeze jailbreak tool can be use to jailbreak your device. Follow our guides to success with Sn0wbreeze.

JailbreakMe guides for Sn0wbreeze latest

Sn0wbreeze requirements

  • Windows 8 users need to install .NET framework – Click here to install
  • iPod Touch 2G 4.x.x restores fail
  • Your computer need to install one of the latest version of iTunes
  • Your computer need more than 4GB memory space

Sn0wbreeze support devices

  • iPhone 4, GSM,CDMA, GSM-r2, 3GS, 3G, 2G
  •  iPad 1
  • iPod 4,3,2G

Sn0wbreeze support  versions

Following Sn0wbreeze screenshot shows all iOS  versions can be use with this tool. This tool can be use with latest  devices.

Sn0wbreeze for Windows

Download Sn0wbreeze using following link

Download Sn0wbreeze 2.9.13 for Windows


Instructions for Sn0wbreeze users

  • Windows 8 users need to install .NET 3.5 framework.
  • Before using Sn0wbreeze you need to backup your device using iTunes. This may useful if something break, it will able to recover your data.
  • If you use backup passwords in iTunes please disable passwords. You can re-enable backup password after jailbreaking.
  • You can prevent from issue after remove lock passcode in your device. So before using Sn0wbreeze remove passcodes.
  • Connect your device and run Sn0wbreeze application. Watch the steps you need to perform like IPSW select, DFU mode.
  • If process stuck better to restart program or reboot the device.

How to use Sn0wbreeze to jailbreak my device

  • Download Sn0wbreeze using above links.
  • Select IPSW file using Browse button. You can download IPSW by using this tool, just you need to select your device and also iOS firmware.

ipsw selection with Sn0wbreeze

  • When you select IPSW file you can see file is uploading and custom IPSW file will generate in your desktop. (This file need to restore after jailbreak process finished)

verified ipsw file


  • You can select the mode need to run this software. Use simple mode

select sn0wbreeze mode


  • Next step we can see custom IPSW file is creating and saving in your desktop. During this process we can enjoy with PacMan

ipsw file creating window 1


ipsw file create in the desktop

  • Then you need to set device into DFU mode for jailbreak process. This tool will show DFU mode options for power and home buttons.

DFU mode window 1


dfu mode window 2

  • When jailbreak finished close Sn0wbreeze and open iTunes. Then restore IPSW file generated in your desktop.
  • Now Sn0wbreeze process completed and Cydia icon can be see in your home screen. You can work with Cydia to customize iDevice as you wish.
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Most useful jailbreak guides for Cydia download, setup and install

Every new jailbreak users are interesting with this remarkable application. One of the jailbreak app developed team member called Saurik (Jay Freeman) is developed this application. Now more than 23 million users are using this application with Apple devices. Also all iDevices can be use cydia after jailbreak process. Our Jailbreak Me tool has updated with new iOS 6 jailbreak tool and we can recommend this tool for select best device according to the iOS.

These are iOS jailbreak tools list for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

cydia for ios 6


cydia ios 5

cydia ios 4

cydia ios 3

Above mentioned diagram shows Cydia download and install tools can be use with your running iOS. These are the top list of tools which can be use with your devices.

You can download tool for jailbreak and install Cydia for your devices. Now you need to know how to setup tool for install Cydia for your device.

How to use Evasi0n to install Cydia

Evasi0n is compatible with iOS 6 devices as mentioned in the above diagram. You can follow our Evasi0n guides for success with Evasi0n process. Evasi0n jailbreak process include Cydia download setup, therefore you do not need to follow any way to download Cydia using Evasi0n. Because this tool setup included Cydia.

How to use Redsn0w to install Cydia

This is our one of the best favorite jailbreak tool for jailbreak and install Cydia. This tool setup also include Cydia and you need to keep attention with one step to do it. When the beginning of jailbreak process it will show to install Cydia option. Redsn0w user need to select this option to install Cydia. Now you know how to install it properly for your device.

How to use Absinthe to install Cydia

We have seen this tool is also like a Evasi0n jailbreak tool. Absinthe setup also included Cydia and user not need to do anything to install Cydia. After jailbreak completed you can see Cydia with your device. Therefore this is not like Redsn0w, you do not have option for Cydia install.

How to use Sn0wbreeze to install Cydia

This is also another famous tool within users.  Sn0wbreeze setup also included Cydia for users. Therefore users do not need to follow any method to install Cydia with Sn0wbreeze.  After you have done jailbreak using Sn0wbreeze, Cydia will be  in your home screen.

We think when you read our post most of these tools are following similar method to install Cydia. Redsn0w jailbreak tool is following little different method compare with other tools. All of these tool can be use to download, Setup and install Cydia for your device. Are you interesting our post please consider facebook like, G+ and twitter follow to share with your friends.










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