iOS 7

Currently Latest iOS version of Apple is iOS 6.0.2. Still it has been released only for iPad Mini and iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1 is the latest iOS version for other Apple devices. These are not major iOS versions. Apple has released iOS 6.0.1 to fix some bugs of iOS 6.

Then Apple will plan to release iOS 6.1 in the near future. Apple released iOS 6.1 beta 2 version for application developers.

However, If Apple has released iOS 6 as a major iOS update there aren’t any special differences than iOS 5.1.1. It has included more than 200 new features but there was nothing special than previous iOS.  Some updates were the worst ever. Example is maps. Apple has removed Googlemaps and include apple maps. Apple maps was really sucked, They have more developed Facetime, Passbook, Facebook integration and more, But people expect more than these updates.

However, Apple aimed to stop jailbreak on their new iOS (iOS6). Unfortunately, it wasthe success, Currently many Apple devices with iOS 6 or later can’t be jailbreak

iOS 7

What functions will Apple add for iOS 7

Apple’s main target is stopping jailbreak.(When they update iOS 6 to iOS 7, Jailbreak will be very harder than now) Therefore they will add more Cydia functions to default OS, Then People don’t want to jailbreak to get these functions

Example – Apple adds to the personal hotspot creator for latest iOS versions, Mywi was the only option to do it, Users jailbroke their iOS to add it.

Therefore we can think Apple will copy  many Cydia system tweaks and add them as iOS 7 fuctions

Sometimes it may like barrel, winterboard, dreamboard. Actually many users wants to customize thier devices, That’s whay they want to jailbreak . Definitely Apple will add this kind of themes related functions to iOS 7.

What are the new concepts for iOS 7

1)  Softpedia thinks Apple iOS 7 wants to Spotlight Overhaul function just like following video.

2) Multi tasking fuctions will update in iOS 7

However jailbreak will be more difficult for iOS 7. Accordint to us without jailbreaking Apple devices will useless. :(

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