JailbreakMe for Android

Some Android users are really interest to Cydia and they are trying to use Jailbreak Me website to get Cydia.

If you are android user and if you are finding a way to install Cydia to your device using Jailbreak me or any other method, We can simply give you an answer that you can’t do it

However, ambition of this article is discussing about solutions for JailbreakMe for Android.

Why doesn’t JailbreakMe compatible with Android?

Actually Android users don’t want to Jailbreak their devices, Google as an Android developer has given all functions for their Android users. But Apple has blocked system root of iOS (Apple devices). Therefore, Apple users must unblock their system root to install awesome functions which apple unapproved. Otherwise Apple users can’t install any theme or system apps for their device.

Therefor If you are android user don’t think to install Cydia using Jailbreak Me or any other tool , It is completely impossible and It is worthless.

Now I will discuss Cydia Alternatives for Android. But these are not real Cydia alternatives, if you want to add themes or system tweaks to your Android device, you can download them from Google Play App market place.


Cydia Alternatives for Android

1) Open App market – This is not a real Cydia alternative. But this is a cool service.You can get HTML based web application from this web service. This service supports for both Android and iOS devices.

2)Fireplace Market Place- This is the best Cydia alternative for android. But we can’t recommend this to you. because this is a piracy software. You must have ice cream sandwich or higher android OS to use this. You can use this as .APK file. use following mediafire link to download Fireplace Market place for android


But we cannot consider these services as Jailbreak Me alternatives for Android. Jailbreaking Android known as Android rooting. Currently there is no any method to root your Android device using online website or service. You must download android rooting software to your computer.



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